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  Competition categories
The Beauty of Plants The Beauty of Plants

Achieving great images of plants and flowers requires skill, passion and commitment. This category celebrates the ephemeral beauty of...
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Beautiful Gardens Beautiful Gardens

Visiting a garden is a great day out for many of us. We can stand and admire the work of gardeners who have dedicated themselves to creating a personal paradise for the enjoyment of themselves...
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Wildlife in the Garden Wildlife in the Garden

In a world where natural habitats are being depleted, gardens are a haven for wildlife. The wild creatures that use our gardens and parks can become familiar companions, or rare and special visitors...
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Breathing Spaces
Breathing Spaces Sponsored by the
National Trust

This category celebrates open spaces and the places where we love to relax and enjoy the feeling of well-being...
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Bountiful Earth Bountiful Earth

Mother Earth provides everything we need to live - food and medicine. We celebrate the gifts of the earth, from the allotment to the wild medicinal herb, from the crops on which we depend to the...
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Trees Woods & Forests Trees, Woods & Forests

This year we are celebrating the tree in all its diverse forms. From the gnarled old oak to the mighty redwood, we are inviting you to show us how important trees are in our lives and in the health of our planet... read more

Wildflower Landscapes Wildflower Landscapes

Flowers that were once widespread amongst fields, meadows and woods are now extremely rare and some have become extinct in the wild. This is largely due to disappearing habitats...
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Greening the City Greening the City

On our crowded planet, town gardens, parks, open spaces and city nature reserves create conditions for a surprising variety of plant and wildlife to thrive. Some plants have adapted to a changing...
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Photo Projects Photo Projects

This year for Competition 8 we are running 2 seasonal Photo Projects competitions alongside the main annual event. You can enter images regardless of the weather or season in your country...
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