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  Young Garden Photographer of the Year - under 16
Want to be the next Young Garden Photographer of the Year? Start here! Read top tips, get the news, upload up to eight pics for free! (One free picture in each category - see Help for further information).
There are some great prizes on offer!

Young photographer by Clive Nichols
Are you ready to have some fun taking pictures? Welcome to the exciting world of garden photography. We are not just looking for photos of flowers - we want to see all the ways you enjoy gardens. This could be growing or looking after plants - but it could also be your pet playing in the garden, or your family having a picnic.

All you need is your imagination and a few mouse clicks - you could win some fantastic prizes too.
With the great digital cameras now available, you can get good photos right from the start and easily share them. Digital is quick, fun, and easy.

Here are a few ideas and tricks to making them even better.

Pets - the lowdown:
Most animals are much shorter than we are, and so it requires us to get low and onto their level so that we see the world as they see it. If we shoot them from a comfortable standing position, we may get an accurate picture of the animal, but we don't fully understand their point of view.

So lie down on your front or sit on your knees when taking pictures of your pet. Try to photograph them from their height or even lower if you can. You’ll get a more exciting and interesting photo.

Hold tight !
A camera that wobbles while you're shooting will result in a photo that is blurry. So be especially careful to hold the camera still when shooting.

Turn yourself into a human tripod !

Try and find something safe and sturdy to lean against. Stand with both feet firmly on the ground shoulder width apart, tuck your elbows into your sides, use both hands to hold the camera and squeeze the shutter slowly.

The joy of taking photos is being able to share them and on this site we would like you to show us yours. Register or login and start uploading your photos today.
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