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  About the Competition
This page tells you about the competition, how to enter, how to prepare your images for the competition, and the types of entry we have. More detailed and technical information can be found on the Help page.

“International garden photographer of the Year has been a great experience; the entry process was so well supported and the feedback was brilliant - I hadn't anticipated how productive the whole competition experience would be.  Thanks so much for the chance to be part of all that.”
Entrant from last year's competition.

The Eighth annual competition opens in February 2014 with a deadline of 31st October 2014. There are also two Photo Projects seasonal competitions, they are based on specific themes.

Deadlines for these are as follows:

Monochrome: 15 February - 31 March 2014
Macro Art: 1 April - 30 June 2014

Uniquely among major photographic competitions, all entrants can receive professional feedback on their entries - after the judging of the competition is completed and on request.

Here is what some people have said about the feedback they have received:

...thank you very much, that really was helpful and encouraging...

...thanks for the feedback - I will keep working at it and see what I can do to improve...

...your feedback was very useful, and I'll certainly bear what you said in mind when I go out and take pictures in the future. Thank you so much for getting back to me, I really appreciate it!...

The competition is open to everyone, amateurs and professionals alike. Entries are welcome from any country in the world. There are no restrictions on the type of camera you use, or the techniques you use to produce your final image. For more detailed technical information, see Help

Morning Splendour by Charles Needle. Finalist Competition 4.
You have to pay a fee to enter. But unlike free competitions, we provide feedback on request (after the judging), we have a huge range of cash and other prizes available to winners and to runners-up, together with the unique prize of having a photograph exhibited in our exhibitions.

You can pay your entry fee- perhaps taking advantage of any discount offers, and then upload your photographs later on - at any point up to 31st October 2014 - midnight GMT. The two Photo Projects categories closing dates are listed above.

Being a finalist of International Garden Photographer of the Year will not only bring you a prize - it could be a life-changing event!

We are embarking on a series of events that will help you improve your photography. Some of these we are offering as prizes. Find out more about the prizes.

The judges will select around 100 finalists whose photographs will be printed to exhibition standard and planned to be shown at major exhibitions during 2014, with substantial press coverage. The mounting of the exhibition is subject to prevailing financial circumstances among our host venues.

One finalist will win the title ‘International Garden Photographer of the Year’ and an under 16 finalist will win ‘Young Garden Photographer of the Year’.

Each category will have a winner and two runner-up prizes. An additional prize will be awarded for the best portfolio and there will be two portfolio runners-up prizes. For more on prizes, click here.

Each seasonal competition will have one winner and two runners-up.

All finalists and commended photographers will have their photographs shown on the International Garden Photographer of the Year website during 2014 and beyond.

How to Enter

You must first register then login. Follow the instructions on screen.

More detailed information on entering can be found on the Help page.

The competition costs £10 to enter. You can pay in British Pounds, Euros, or US Dollars. (Note that the exchange rate applied will be that defined by the banking system; we do not have any control over this.)

First, you must choose which category fits your image best. You can also choose a seasonal competition if you wish.

For £10 you can enter up to 4 photographs in one of the categories. If you wish to enter another category, then this costs an additional £10 for up to 4 photographs . You can enter as many photographs in as many categories as you like.

So you can, for example, buy 4 entries for 'The Beauty of Plants'. You can then, if you wish, buy 4 more entries for 'The Beauty of Plants', or 4 more entries for a different category - it is entirely your decision.

Or you may choose to enter a portfolio of 6 themed photographs. This costs £25 per category entered. You can enter as many portfolios as you like.

So you can, for example, buy a portfolio entry for 'The Beauty of Plants'. You can then, if you wish, buy a second portfolio entry for 'The Beauty of Plants', or a portfolio entry for a different category - it is entirely your decision.

Note that portfolio photographs will not be judged as single images. They will only be judged as one of six themed photographs.

How to Pay

The easiest and quickest way to pay is by PayPal. You can also pay by credit card, via the PayPal that is linked to our shopping basket. Note that the credit card transaction is undertaken by your card issuer in the normal way and will appear on your credit card statement marked 'Garden and Landscape Photographic Arts.'

In certain circumstances we can accept payment by cheque or electronic bank transfer. See Help for more information.

Preparing your Images

For detailed information on how to prepare your images, see Help.

We recommend that you make your final decision on which photographs you are going to enter before you upload them to the competition.

You must have taken the picture on a camera that will enable good prints to be made from them for
the exhibition.This means that if your photograph is shortlisted, you will need to supply high quality jpeg images of around 1 megabyte as a minimum. More advanced users should aim to supply image files in 8bit TIFF format, with a filesize between 20-50 mb – this size would enable us to make larger prints if desired. See also rules.

Digital manipulation is allowed. We will ask shortlisted entrants for details of the manipulation used. You are not allowed to claim a subject to be unmanipulated if it has been.

No responsibility can be taken by the organisers for images that are incorrectly submitted.

Types of entry

Single images: These are judged as individual, stand-alone photographs.

Portfolios: A portfolio is a group of photographs that work both as individual images and as part of a themed collection. A portfolio can explore a location, a mood, a colour, a plant group, in fact any garden-related subject that fits into one of the categories - but all the images should relate to one another and to the theme as a whole.

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