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We are presently seeking to identify sponsors and partners for this unique event who will benefit from:

* High value marketing opportunities at low cost via an association with a world class award that encompasses both the cultural arts and gardening worlds
* High profile awareness of more than 1 million competition entrants, followers and viewers
* Branding on all advertising, marketing and competition correspondence
* A range of flexible, corporate hospitality opportunities for clients and employees at world class venues

For more information about partnerships and on how this event can be tailored to suit, please contact us.

Download a sponsorship document with further information.




Floramedia is proud to be the sponsor of the award "Beauty of Plants", because of its objective to take the beauty of plants and nature to the end-consumer.

All professional activities of Floramedia are led by the objective to inspire garden lovers around the world. We believe breathtaking photography is generating an even closer relationship between people and nature."

IGPOTY CEO Philip Smith said:
"Floramedia is a major force in the horticultural industry and we are delighted that we will be working together to spread word of the IGPOTY project to an even wider audience throughout Europe and beyond. It is all about plant life and the wonderful ideas, creativity and well-being that they can inspire."

The Floramedia organisation has been established in 1957 by a plant - photographer and a lithographer . The initial business idea was to re-place drawings on seed packets by photographed images. This point in time was the start of the largest organisation offering marketing and packaging solutions all over the world.

The core business of Floramedia is still images of plants, gardens and lifestyle scenes. A network of 10 own companies in Europe and 15 partners overseas are offering these images in marketing and concept solutions in more than 45 countries around the world. The European offices are based e.g. in the United Kingdom (Colchester), Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Poland.

Floramedia applies to HAL Investments and the headquarters is based in Westzaan (the Netherlands) in the North of Amsterdam. Besides the four employed photographers and six experts looking after the photo library, 250 people are providing services to the horticultural industry. The core production unit of images contains a large trial nursery and photo studio close to the international airport of Amsterdam-Schiphol

water gems Water Gems

Water Gems is an Edinburgh based landscape and water feature company set up by Nick Benge in 1993. It has evolved from a small business creating water features into an all-round landscape design and build company. Creativity and excellent workmanship are the basis of all its diverse projects. The company’s ethos stems from a genuine commitment to its clients and to the environment and much of its work revolves around responsible use of materials, improving wildlife habitats and sustainability.

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